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Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Iowa, 2011

Karissa Haugeberg specializes in the history of American women, politics, religion and medicine.

Research Interests
Haugeberg is completing a manuscript on the history of women anti-abortion activists in the United States. Women to the Rescue: Leaders, Martyrs, and Foot Soldiers in the Campaign to End Abortion (forthcoming, University of Illinois Press), traces the forty-year history of the contemporary U.S. anti-abortion movement, from the 1960s into the first decade of the twenty-first century.

With the support of the Newcomb College Institute, Haugeberg maintains a blog that showcases primary and secondary resources for studying the history of reproductive health in New Orleans:

Haugeberg has begun a second project on the history of nursing in the United States. This book will examine how the nursing profession engaged the resurgent feminist movement of the 1970s and 1980s.

Teaching Interests
U.S. women and gender; history of medicine; American social history; history of sexuality in the U.S.; history of reproductive health in the U.S.

Haugeberg edits the Newcomb College Institute’s Journal of Research on Women & Gender, an interdisciplinary undergraduate journal featuring research that engages questions of women and gender. The journal is available on-line:

Research Fellowships    
  • Mortar Board Award, Excellence in Teaching, non-tenured, Tulane University, 2014

  • Dora Bonquois Ellis Postdoctoral Fellowship, Newcomb College Institute, 2013-14

  • Barbara Greenbaum Faculty Research Fellowship, Tulane University, 2012

  • Newcomb College Institute Faculty Research Grant, Tulane University, 2012

  • Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of History, Tulane University, 2011-13

  • Ballard Seashore Dissertation Fellowship, Graduate College, University of Iowa, 2010-11

  • Marcus Bach Dissertation Fellowship, University of Iowa, 2009-10

  • Gerald R. Ford Foundation Research Fellowship, 2007-08

  • Mary Lily Research Fellowship, Sallie Bingham Library, Duke University, 2007-08

  • Laurence LaFore Research Fellowship, Department of History, University of Iowa, 2006


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